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Open Questions

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As an aspiring educator I have the following questions*:

What are the relationships between technology and…

How can technology help my students?
How can I use technology to bring the outside world into my classroom?
How can technology break down barriers between my students and me and create a community of learners who are genuinely interested in the world?
What do new technologies look like?
What are some useful ways to bring them into the classroom?
What are ways to use technology to expand my students’ audience?
How can technology make my students’ classroom experience more purposeful and relevant?
Which technologies offer students ways to interact with other students?
How might technology create communities or expand existing ones?

Lesson Planning:
How can technology help me plan my lessons?
Which technologies will make me more efficient with planning?
Have there been technological advances which have moved us beyond standard lesson-planning models?
How does technology allow me to connect with other educators?
What are good resources to know?

Critical Pedagogy:
Is technology opposed to an ethic of care (i.e., necessarily dehumanizing)?
What does it mean to be human?
Can technology help answer this question (or at least trouble the answers)?

*(not yet a comprehensive list)